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letsblowyourmind asked: madrid o barna?

Madrid to live and Barna to skate! :)

@thetremorchrist said: Make sure to add a layer of varnish or laquer to the deck once sprayed, otherewise the deck will be kinda sticky, and the paint will rub on your hands… i found out the hard way, hope this helps!! :)

Thank you, @thetremorchrist! :)

xaritt asked: Hola :) quiero aprender a andar en skate. Qué tabla me recomiendas?

Hola xaritt!

Como ya he dicho otras veces, te recomiendo una tabla que sea de calidad. Hay una diferencia muy grande entre patinar tablas baratas a hacerlo con tablas buenas. No tiene que ser la mejor de todas, tampoco una pro model. Asegúrate de que sea de madera canadiense y de un precio que te puedas permitir y seguro que es una buena opción. Hay marcas como Real o Blind (entre muchas otras) que tienen tablas No-logo a precios bastante asequibles.

Yo empecé a patinar con una tabla Jack London hace muchos años (una marca de muy mala calidad) y cuando me pasé a mi primera tabla de calidad (una Chocolate) fue casi como empezar a patinar otra vez…

Espero haberte ayudado! :)

samirayasmin asked: I really like your blogs👏 What type of skateboards do you use and which ones do you recommend for beginners to use?

Hi samirayasmin!

I’m using a Plan B deck of 7.75 inches. I prefer the 7.5 or 7.75 instead the 7.875, 8 or higher.

And for beginners, I normally advise to buy a good deck (the cheapest one but a good one. Without logos, neither pro models). Brands as Real, Alai, Nomad or Blind have decks with low prices

Hope this info is useful :)

Anónimo asked: What would happen if I Spray painted my Deck Black? I've been wanting to spray paint it so I can hide my Dark star Logo and Afterwards spray paint the Spider-Man logo on the deck. Should I, Or Not?

Hi dude!

Well, there are no problems! You can spray it with your fav colour ;) I have never painted my deck but I have seen a few decks painted and the owners were skating with them with no problems.

Have a nice day!

oddfuckingskater said: He’s asking about clothes. Like would tan pants match with a black shirt. The answer is yes by the way.

mynameisgermain said: Black and Tan is fine. It all depends on the shoes you wear too. Hope this helped.

Thanks, guys!! You are awesome :)

Anónimo asked: An odd question, but I just wanted to know if you wear Black and Tan together ? For example tan pants and a black shirt together.

I’m sorry but I don’t understand your question… Black and tan? This is a beer cocktail, isn’t it? Black beer mixed with a pale beer hahahaha I drank one past year in Dublin…

Sorry mate :(

vsolemsli asked: Yo, i can do different grinds and slides on low ledges, but as soon as i try the same tricks on a bit taller ledges i get scared and bail out. I can easily ollie high enough. Any advice? Thanks!!

Hi vsolemsli!

I think I don’t have advices in that case but I think that you only need more practice. I have the same problem as you at this moment. Today I don’t skate as years ago so now I have some fear when I try to jump over 5 or 6 stairs with a simple ollie. But I know that it’s because I need more practice, more attempts the same afternoon, more consecutive days skating… to get again the level I had.

And I think this is your problem. You are scared because you aren’t sure about yourself yet. But don’t give up, try everyday but go slowly, increasing the height gradually.

Have a nice day! :)

Anónimo asked: do you answer all the questions you receive?

I try to answer all of them but you guys send me a lot of questions and private messages so it’s a hard work hahaha But it’s a pleasure for me to read all the stuff that I receive :)


Have a nice day! :)

Anónimo asked: Penny or skate?

A normal Skate for me and a Penny for my girlfriend :P

urbanpikachu asked: Yo. Listen, I kinda have a problem. I have a skateboard, I can ride it and I ride it all around the town. I can't even manage to do an ollie. I try... But the board just doesn' get up. And I am shy, I only go to a skatepark out of town. Is that OK?

Hi urbanpikachu!

Mmm… you can go to the skatepark to practice the ollie, of course, but the ollie is the first trick and you can practice it in any place, even over carpeting at home.

So it is okay to go to the parks and ask for help to other skaters but my advice is to practice also at home, garage or any other place, before to go to the skatepark. It’s an easy trick once you’ve got the hang of it, but it needs much practice to get a good one.

Have a nice day! :)