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kamraadmartin asked: How did you get over the fear of doing a trick while moving? I mean, I can ride my board well and my ollies are decent. It's just something inside me that is stopping me. It would be awesome if you replied. Thanks!

Hi kamraadmartin!

The only way to get over the fear is with practice. Trust me, the more you practice, the less fear you will have. That “something” inside you that you said will disappear with practice.

I’m sure that if you continue practicing, in a few months almost all of your fear is gone ;)

skatersalltimex asked: I love your blog and you give really great advice! I'm not very good at skating at all, but i just like doin it for fun, and you're advice gives me inspiration to keep skating! thank you :)

Oh… Your words made me smile real big!! :) Thank you so much for take time to comment here.

darknightsbright-days asked: hey so I started skating just using a penny board just to practise cruising but now I'm getting into actually skateboarding and doing tricks, I'm trying to find a board that obviously isn't cheap but not super expensive because I'm just starting off. Any suggestions?

Hi darknightsbright-days​​!

Well, I’m living in Madrid, Spain, so the cheapest brands but with good quality that I know are from my country (Jart or Alai Skateboards). Also I have a friend that has an online store with incredible prices ( but he only sends products to Spain by now…

So my advise is to buy a no-logo board of canadian maple. The no-logo boards are always more cheapest than the boards with logos or the pro-models. Doesn’t matter the brand, only be sure that the board is made with canadian maple.

About trucks, wheels and bearings, buy a good ones (Venture, Spitfire and Pig, for example) because these products will last a long time (it’s difficult to break bearings or trucks when you are starting to skate) so you will use them with the new boards that you will buy during your skate life without having to buy a better ones.

I don’t know if I really help you but I hope yes! :)

california-compromise asked: your blog makes me want to go skate so badly... but 1. i suck. 2. its hot as hell!

hahahahha just go to skate!! Doesn’t matter if you are the next Chris Haslam or not, just go to skate and have fun! (you can skate at night, when the sun goes down (as the Arctic Monkeys’s song says :P))

Have a nice day!

emovampirethatisme asked: I have a stupid do you get a good pop when you Ollie? (basic I know 😔) like I think I got the foot sliding part down but I can't seem to get it to go in the air, any tips?

Hi emovampirethatisme​:

The theory is easy to explain but I know that it is different when you are in the street and you try to do the ollie. Anyway, I will tell you the same as people told me when I was starting to skate.

So, when I started to do ollies, some skaters always told me the same:

- When you are down, let your arms down too, focus your mind in your feet and do a big jump to the sky, raising your arms at the same time and NEVER TILT YOUR BODY. NEVER.

Once you have done this, do the same as you do in other ollies: slide your front foot and catch the skate as tall as you can.

I don’t know if this will be helpful for you. Probably I haven’t explained myself well enough because english isn’t my mother language so it’s difficult for me to try to explain some things.

Have a nice day man!