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urbanpikachu asked: Yo. Listen, I kinda have a problem. I have a skateboard, I can ride it and I ride it all around the town. I can't even manage to do an ollie. I try... But the board just doesn' get up. And I am shy, I only go to a skatepark out of town. Is that OK?

Hi urbanpikachu!

Mmm… you can go to the skatepark to practice the ollie, of course, but the ollie is the first trick and you can practice it in any place, even over carpeting at home.

So it is okay to go to the parks and ask for help to other skaters but my advice is to practice also at home, garage or any other place, before to go to the skatepark. It’s an easy trick once you’ve got the hang of it, but it needs much practice to get a good one.

Have a nice day! :)

didyoufellthat asked: Do u speak english or u prefer to talk spanish?

My mother language is spanish but I can speak in english (but I think I need to improve it xD)

Anónimo asked: Are you a guy or a girl? Btw you have a cool blog.

I’m a guy! :D

Have a nice day!

mushedi asked: tricks on a crusier. Sorry im just getting familiar with this. If your main language is spanish then you can explain to me in spanish that way you can better explain yourself. But if it isnt then sorry!

Hi mushedi​! :)

A cruiser board it is not the best kind of board for tricks (al menos no es la mejor tabla para realizar los trucos de la new school) but there are a lot of board catching tricks, no complies or shove-its that you can do it.

Ghostride kickflip is the perfect flip for a cruiser board! I’m sure you can find it in google.

The cruisers are for old skool tricks, that’s my opinion.

Have a nice day!

Anónimo asked: Bro i just started and i got my Ollies, fakie shove, shove, pop shove, fakie pop, 180 backside, half cab. What eels should i get now? I would like to be as good as chris chann. He's beast on flat ground. What i hate is i started late im already 15 and like idk. I know im never gonna make it to pros or even get sponsored but it's fun, like what should i learn first, then second, then you know. Like 1,2,3,4,5,5,6,7 idk it would be great help. Yo hablo español tambien so puedes responder en español

I think is the moment to start with the flips and slides. Kickflip, fakie flip, heelflip and fakie heelflip. These 4 tricks is my recomendation. Also you can try to do some slides: Boardslide, noseslide and tailslide (FS and BS).

If you have 15 years old, it is not too late. Yo empecé con 10 años a patinar inline con unos Roces Roma (qué recuerdos…) y me pasé al skate con 15 años, la misma edad que tienes tú. Fui patrocinado por una tienda local un par de años después aunque las lesiones me hicieron dejar de patinar de manera constante. Así que ánimo, claro que puedes ser patrocinado o incluso llegar a ser un pro, por qué no?

Mucha suerte, mate! ;)

Anónimo asked: Hello did you receive my message?

mmm I don’t know. If you are sending me the messages as anonymous as this one, I don’t have the way to know what messages are yours… Anyway, I will answer all messages that I have received, I only need time to do that ^_^’

Have a nice day!

skaterlater asked: Hey thanks for the tips on how to do an ollie!! I did one last week and landed it but 2 sec later I fell and dislocated my shoulder 😁

Oh god!! I hope you are well!! I’m sure the next one will be a perfect ollie! Don’t give up, dude!

All the best!! ;)

Anónimo asked: What would a fakie 540 flip with a bs 180 be called?

If I understood correctly, this is a fakie 540 bigspin flip. Skatezophrenics, can you help this guy with the name of that trick??